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So I have found my groove!



I decided this morning that i had had enough of sitting around waiting for ideas to flow so I got up and went for a wander and guess what…I have finally found the perfect place to write! This little beauty is tucked just around the corner from my house and I had absolutely no idea it was there! I am so lucky to live in such a beautiful place win these little hidden gems. After 5 minutes of sitting in a small alcove in the rocks I found my mind totally flooded with ideas. So, with my notebook in hand I wrote for 3 solid hours, my biggest achievement in weeks! I was so pleased I treated myself to a celebratory Costa!

I finally feel so much better about my writing project, it all seems as though it’s all slotting nicely into place now and I’m convinced it’s down to my new safe spot. It seems to really speak to me, it give me so much inspiration. I will definitely be going bank again!


Epic Failure Number One

OK, so apart from failing miserably to keep up with my blog, not that anyone actually reads this thing, I appear to be not doing as well with the whole writing thing as I thought I would. Man…this writing thing is hard. I mean, it sounds easy enough right?! Story telling is part of our genetic make up, or so I thought. For thousands of years we, as a species, have told stories; to our children, to strangers and to each other. So why am I finding this so difficult?!

I thought this would be easier than it has turned out to be. My imagination runs wild 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, yet I seem completely unable to put it down onto paper.  I have so many ideas yet they don’t seem to form into anything worth writing about. Am I crazy????

I’m starting to wonder if I can actually do this or whether I am just wasting my time. I seem to spend hours and hours staring at my screen or jotting down ideas on the bus whenever they pop into my head, my notebook is full of them. So why can’t I come up with anything concrete?!

Maybe its just not meant to be, or maybe I’m just not trying hard enough. What do you think…if you are there?

That Sinking Feeling

So today I got up at the crack of dawn ( mainly because the dog decided she needed a wee) with the best will in the world to get in a good days writing. After all, if I must be sat at home because of a bad back and not at work then I might as well do something productive. I’m not going to lie, this morning has been very productive; the bathroom is sparkling, the kitchen looks like it’s just been installed and the carpet has never looked so new in its entire life! But the writing, I award myself the great big badge of bugger all because I deserve nothing less.

Writing is supposed to be a joy, my passion in life…so why am I finding it so hard today? Surely when you have a character you know just as well, maybe even a little better, thank you know yourself the words should just flow right?! WRONG! Maybe it’s the character, maybe she just isn’t solid enough for me to work with; or maybe it’s me and shear writers block.

I read some very wise words this morning ” writing is like a form of therapy” and indeed it is. Therapy I seem to need a lot of today! But I guess bleating about it won’t make the changes happen, but a pen and paper might!

A sad day for Great Britain

Today, Wednesday 14th May 2014 is a sad day for Great Britain. In the early hours of this morning, a very brave young man called Stephen Sutton passed away peacefully surrounded by his family from terminal bowel cancer. Stephen has spent his last few months trying to raise £1million for the Teenage Cancer Trust as one of the things on his bucket list; this incredibly brave 19 year old lad managed to raise not £1million but over £3million for the cancer charity.

Stephen Sutton never asked for fame and recognition for his charity work but certainly deserves the publicity that such a sad time will bring. This wonderful young man is a superstar who will never be forgotten. He has achieved such wonderful things and his work will help thousands of young people who are also walking in his shoes.

On behalf of Great Britain I thank you Stephen, you are a national treasure that will always be remembered. You and your family should be very proud, I know we as a nation are.

Rest In Peace

It’s all coming alive!

So it’s been well over a week ( and I mean WELL OVER a week) since my very first blog and I’ve been off work with a bad back so have had the perfect opportunity to start writing. I must admit, my actual word count is pretty minuscule but my characters are starting to come to life.

My lead female is developing a personality all by herself, as if by magic! When I first started, i had the image of a small, quiet, content little girl, not the feisty, unpredictable young woman I actually have, and I kinda like it. She’s loud, independent and completely out of control; the complete opposite of my mental image of her at first, but she defiantly fits the part perfectly and I can’t wait to really push her to her limits. After all, that’s much more fun than a timid little mouse!

My lead male hasn’t come along quite so well but he is still progressing nicely. I seem to be finding it harder to ‘create’ him if you like. I always assumed he would be he easiest to form; but I guess that’s path of the course or writing and character development. There will always be aspects that test you, things that drive you to he point of madness and bits that fall into place before you realise you have actually written them.

My aims for his week ( as well as doh g my physiotherapy but that’s a whole other ball game) I s to complete my Mr, double my word count and find myself a few more proof readers. I have 3 willing (ahem) volunteers to read and feedback for me but I feel the more volunteers the better the finished product will be.

So with fingers crossed on my left hand and my pen in my right, let’s get back to the notepad!

Losing My Blog Virginity

Ok so here it goes…after years of anticipation, ever building nerves and plain old fear the big moment has arrived; I am about to lose my blogging virginity.

This is a major leap into the world of writing that comes to most of us at one point or another. Many great writers first started with a blog with the hope that one day they would make it big and end up a published author; and I am no different! Operating Department Practitioner ( don’t stress, nobody ever know what that means!) by day, aspiring writer by night.

My dream, to write a book…an actual book. How scary is that?! So what better way to get my hand in than to start a blog, get writing small bits and bobs everyday to build myself up to the ultimate goal. Although I am about to declare my secret desire to be a writer to the world ( not that anyone is actually ever going to read my blog!) it is a closely guarded secret between me and two twitter friends.

Johnny and Hannah, I know you guys will probably be the only people who actually read this but I don’t care. If it wasn’t for you Johnny I would’ve never considered the writing malarkey as anything more than a little hobby to pass the time when I’m bored out of my tree at work; and Hannah, I know you have a similar dream too so we are all in this together! It’s nice to have two people I can share this journey with, be it from hundreds of miles away across the Twitter waves!

So here we have it, my big (HA!) break into the world of blogging and my first steps towards becoming a writer. If you could all cross your fingers, toes and any other parts of your anatomy than can be crossed it would be greatly appreciate, I feel this is not going to be a small project and I’m going to need all the help I can get!