Epic Failure Number One

OK, so apart from failing miserably to keep up with my blog, not that anyone actually reads this thing, I appear to be not doing as well with the whole writing thing as I thought I would. Man…this writing thing is hard. I mean, it sounds easy enough right?! Story telling is part of our genetic make up, or so I thought. For thousands of years we, as a species, have told stories; to our children, to strangers and to each other. So why am I finding this so difficult?!

I thought this would be easier than it has turned out to be. My imagination runs wild 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, yet I seem completely unable to put it down onto paper.  I have so many ideas yet they don’t seem to form into anything worth writing about. Am I crazy????

I’m starting to wonder if I can actually do this or whether I am just wasting my time. I seem to spend hours and hours staring at my screen or jotting down ideas on the bus whenever they pop into my head, my notebook is full of them. So why can’t I come up with anything concrete?!

Maybe its just not meant to be, or maybe I’m just not trying hard enough. What do you think…if you are there?


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