That Sinking Feeling

So today I got up at the crack of dawn ( mainly because the dog decided she needed a wee) with the best will in the world to get in a good days writing. After all, if I must be sat at home because of a bad back and not at work then I might as well do something productive. I’m not going to lie, this morning has been very productive; the bathroom is sparkling, the kitchen looks like it’s just been installed and the carpet has never looked so new in its entire life! But the writing, I award myself the great big badge of bugger all because I deserve nothing less.

Writing is supposed to be a joy, my passion in life…so why am I finding it so hard today? Surely when you have a character you know just as well, maybe even a little better, thank you know yourself the words should just flow right?! WRONG! Maybe it’s the character, maybe she just isn’t solid enough for me to work with; or maybe it’s me and shear writers block.

I read some very wise words this morning ” writing is like a form of therapy” and indeed it is. Therapy I seem to need a lot of today! But I guess bleating about it won’t make the changes happen, but a pen and paper might!


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