It’s all coming alive!

So it’s been well over a week ( and I mean WELL OVER a week) since my very first blog and I’ve been off work with a bad back so have had the perfect opportunity to start writing. I must admit, my actual word count is pretty minuscule but my characters are starting to come to life.

My lead female is developing a personality all by herself, as if by magic! When I first started, i had the image of a small, quiet, content little girl, not the feisty, unpredictable young woman I actually have, and I kinda like it. She’s loud, independent and completely out of control; the complete opposite of my mental image of her at first, but she defiantly fits the part perfectly and I can’t wait to really push her to her limits. After all, that’s much more fun than a timid little mouse!

My lead male hasn’t come along quite so well but he is still progressing nicely. I seem to be finding it harder to ‘create’ him if you like. I always assumed he would be he easiest to form; but I guess that’s path of the course or writing and character development. There will always be aspects that test you, things that drive you to he point of madness and bits that fall into place before you realise you have actually written them.

My aims for his week ( as well as doh g my physiotherapy but that’s a whole other ball game) I s to complete my Mr, double my word count and find myself a few more proof readers. I have 3 willing (ahem) volunteers to read and feedback for me but I feel the more volunteers the better the finished product will be.

So with fingers crossed on my left hand and my pen in my right, let’s get back to the notepad!


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