Losing My Blog Virginity

Ok so here it goes…after years of anticipation, ever building nerves and plain old fear the big moment has arrived; I am about to lose my blogging virginity.

This is a major leap into the world of writing that comes to most of us at one point or another. Many great writers first started with a blog with the hope that one day they would make it big and end up a published author; and I am no different! Operating Department Practitioner ( don’t stress, nobody ever know what that means!) by day, aspiring writer by night.

My dream, to write a book…an actual book. How scary is that?! So what better way to get my hand in than to start a blog, get writing small bits and bobs everyday to build myself up to the ultimate goal. Although I am about to declare my secret desire to be a writer to the world ( not that anyone is actually ever going to read my blog!) it is a closely guarded secret between me and two twitter friends.

Johnny and Hannah, I know you guys will probably be the only people who actually read this but I don’t care. If it wasn’t for you Johnny I would’ve never considered the writing malarkey as anything more than a little hobby to pass the time when I’m bored out of my tree at work; and Hannah, I know you have a similar dream too so we are all in this together! It’s nice to have two people I can share this journey with, be it from hundreds of miles away across the Twitter waves!

So here we have it, my big (HA!) break into the world of blogging and my first steps towards becoming a writer. If you could all cross your fingers, toes and any other parts of your anatomy than can be crossed it would be greatly appreciate, I feel this is not going to be a small project and I’m going to need all the help I can get!


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